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OM Riding-Leader of Sunchaser Travel Adventures Yoga retreats.

USEA ICP certified trainer, Lisa Bauman, based near Austin, Texas, has long been a student of mind and body awareness as they relate to the partnership between horse and rider. She clinics nationally with her yoga for riders program, OM Riding, helping riders develop better communication with their mounts through control of their own bodies.

OM Riding Clinics are a blend of yoga, meditation and core riding fundamentals, designed to center and align both horse and rider. From beginner yogi to Grand Prix level competitor, OM Riding offers you an exciting, holistic experience, from mat to finish line.

Nautilus Liveaboards

Nautilus Liveaboards

nautilus liveaboards

Diving with Giant Mantas, Dolphins, Sharks and more! Destinations to the Socorro Islands and Guadalupe Island!


aggressor fleet

Exploring the world since 1985. Over 26 boats in their fleet!